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Nourish Mindfulness Retreats

Nourish your intentions, yourself, and bring new energy to your purpose in these unique seasonal women's mindfulness retreats. 

Om Pose

upcoming retreats

Nourish Emergence / April 25-28, 2024

Nourish Grounding / October 10-13, 2024

Nourish Your Intentions / February 27 - March 2, 2025

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Nourish Highlights

  • 4-day Mindfulness Journey

    • Day 1: Gathering 
      Welcome Dinner, Launch, Connect, Reflect

    • Day 2: Discovery & Release
      Yoga, Discovery, Reflect, Release Ceremony

    • Day 3: Intention-Setting
      Yoga, Reflect, Intention Mapping, Connect

    • Day 4: Activation
      Yoga, Activation, Gratitude and Closure

  • Small Cohort Model (5-8 people)

  • Washington Water-adjacent Destination

  • Wholeness-centered, Gestalt design

  • Professional Guides:

    • Candy Castellanos, Gestalt Coach | MSOD

    • Georgeanne Smith, Rasa Yoga Instructor

  • Five Niyama Yoga Journey​

  • Cohort developed as a Community of Care

  • Retreat fee is a sliding scale ($600 - $1,200) and includes instruction and housing

  • Meals organized and shared collectively


Nourish as Intention

Nourish Retreats are designed to support developing mindfulness through a series of emotional intelligence, discovery, and reflection activities that are deeply integrated with a five-part Niyama yoga journey. At the heart of the program is discovering and nourishing our intentions, investing in self care and caring for each other.​

Each retreat is designed around the values of wholeness, connection, investing in mindfulness, and building support for individual capacity-building through interconnection and  collaboration.


Throughout each 4-day journey, we will work together to build a Community of Care through acts of nourishing each other during each activity and meal.


The first meal will be hosted by your Retreat Guides. The rest of the meals will be accomplished through Cohort teamwork and reciprocal creativity and generosity.

I want to learn more

Use this information request to set up a brief Q&A call / Zoom with one of the members of the Retreat Guides or RSVP to one of the upcoming retreats. 
Click here to download a printable information packet

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