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Sustaining Sustainability: Capacity Building for Change Agents

Workshop Description

You work hard every day to help make an impact with your work. Are you also investing in your own sustainability as a change agent? In this session you will learn strategies to prevent burnout and build a robust professional development toolkit so you can continue to thrive personally and professionally, and expand your capacity to do your best work.

Harnessing Time: Dynamic Tools for Replacing Busyness with Balance

Workshop Description

Purpose-driven planning is at the root of organizing work and using time to our advantage. This workshop highlights a wide array of time management practices, organizational tools, and emotional intelligence skills that can help minimize busyness, and increase focus, performance, satisfaction, and balance.

Use of Self: The Art of Showing Up

Workshop Description

Self-awareness, the foundational Emotional Intelligence skill, is at the heart of an individual's ability to effectively engage with others. Use of Self is the practice and acknowledgement that how a person "show's up" directly influences their ability to operate with intention. The better a person knows themselves, the better able they are to navigate relationships, opportunities, and conflict. In short, Use of Self is the confluence between intention and impact: you are the most important tool in your professional toolbox. Understanding how you "show up" requires an investment equal to the influence and impact you would like to have. This workshop will explore a wide variety of resources and exercises that can support the Use of Self mastery journey.

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